Specialist Equipment Cataloging

Ensuring consistency of equipment descriptions and definitions should be fundamental to any equipment rental business – yet in some cases it still isn’t seen as a priority. A mismanaged equipment catalog inevitably leads to lost or misplaced equipment and unnecessary duplicate purchases – often costing thousands - so here’s how easily you can avoid these mistakes.

Implementing a robust cataloging system allows you to assign equipment to a group or sub-group and specify defining attributes such as length, weight, grade, model, connections and many more. Each piece of Oil and Gas Equipment is incredibly specialist and technical; that’s why you need a system that can fit your businesses individual needs. Our SMART Catalog offers up to 16 definable attributes, all of which can be tailored to your business. To find out more follow the link below:

Streamlined Processes

Efficiency is key within your equipment rental business - that’s why we want to show you how to streamline all operational, financial and administrative processes without having to leave your desk.

Arrange a free online demonstration of TRACS, our Enterprise Class software solution – the only solution of its kind built specifically for the oil and gas market and handling ‘cradle to grave’ equipment rentals.

See first hand how our integrated solutions (TRACS Back Office System, TRACS Mobile and TRACS Smart Dash) could reduce operational overheads for your business by up to 35%. Book an online demonstration today with one of our solutions specialists by following the link below or visit our video gallery for an insight into TRACS functionality. 

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Equipment Rental Overheads

In an industry continually striving to reduce overheads and increase efficiency, it’s surprising to see companies continually overlook the fundamental backbone of their business operations. What if we told you that up to 35% could be saved on your overheads simply by streamlining administrative and operational processes?

For equipment rental companies the benefits are crucial to survival in a competitive market; increased turnaround, efficient maintenance/repairs, accurate inventory checks, complete audit trails and much more. We have an Enterprise Class solution made up of three simple, fully integrated components that could transform your equipment rental business:

1. A core Back Office System (BOS) for all administrative activities
2. A Mobile solution for field workflows offering offline capabilities and real-time visibility
3. Extensive KPI reporting functionality for more informed business decision making

Over the next number of weeks, we will be posting regular insights into how to maintain best practice on a global scale, enhance operational efficiencies and most importantly make significant savings on overheads. Watch this space or contact us today for more information.

User Experience

User Experience is Everything

TRACS regularly reviews its client’s user experience, exploring new ways to improve ease-of-use and considering how to help clients utilize the full functionality of the system. Although traditional text and diagram based user guides have always been available in TRACS in the past, YouTube proves it’s more effective to watch and learn.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning systems have been embedded in the Energy Industry for well over 30 years as a staple for financial and regulatory business requirements and processes. Does a generic structure built for manufacturing, however, really fit the complex commercial models of the Energy Industry?