BICO Drilling Tools

Delivering Enterprise Class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), TRACS Assets Ltd (TAL) have secured a contract with Houston, Texas based BICO Drilling Tools Inc. aimed at increasing operational efficiency through automating all equipment management processes. The TRACS software solution has been providing significant cost savings to its clients for over 10 years by streamlining and optimizing all operational activities associated with equipment management.

3 Steps for Stock Management

Frequent equipment check-ins, check-outs, inspections, repairs, orders, deliveries and rentals are difficult to administer. When managing your equipment stock, knowledge is king. To ensure you are making the most out of your equipment, follow these three steps...

Customer Requirements

Keep Rental Customers Returning

It can be hard to remember all those extra notes against customer requests when managing a technical rental equipment business. But the truth is customers demand that attention to detail. If you want their repeat business, you need to develop an understanding of them, their business, buying behaviours and requirements.

With TRACS, users can easily record notes or activities against any customer enquiry, order, requisition or delivery - and report on them with the click of a button. Quickly review items relating to Certificates of Conformance, Technical and Commercial Quotes, Pick Lists and much more. To see the full capability first hand, request an online demonstration. 

Business Process Audit

Digital records provide information security, accuracy and real-time visibility. But most importantly, they can be audited efficiently. Reviewing the complete history of a piece of equipment is much less painful when it doesn’t involve scrolling through pages, folders or searching filing cabinets for misfiled documents.

In TRACS, every action made can be audited. All historical data logged against a piece of equipment is kept for audit purposes - inspection and repair information, original purchase prices, cost of ownership, usage dates and rates are only a handful of logged information types. Business processes themselves can also be audited, with clear outlines set for creating enquiry, order and invoicing documentation as well as defining exactly how equipment is recorded.

Business Process Audit

And how accurate was it? The average stock check takes a number of disruptive days for a business with a vast selection of technical equipment, and even then it’s only half of the picture! We would like to hear how long it currently takes you to undertake an inventory check to see where we may be able to help.

With an Enterprise Class piece of software for cataloguing equipment and inventory management, you have peace of mind knowing exactly what equipment you have - and where. Using TRACS, our clients rolling stock checks now take hours rather than days with a reliable 98%+ accuracy. Join us for a live online demonstration of our SMART Catalog solution for Inventory Management.