Transferring Equipment

Transferring Your Equipment from “A to B”

Wherever “B” may be, transferring rental equipment doesn’t need to be complicated. Inter-Company, Inter-Subsidiary and Inter-Field transfers can all be easily administered using one Enterprise Class platform without operational delay.

Our highly efficient software solution, TRACS, facilitates all forms of transfer; between sites, divisions, companies and across geographies. Manage the movement of equipment between branches when there are no commercial implications. Where an Inter-Field transfer is linked with an Order, PO, Requisition or Delivery, TRACS automatically generates and ties in the appropriate information for you.

Costs incurred through transfer of equipment, lists of any outstanding equipment, equipment received and much more can all be reviewed using transfer reports at the touch of a button.
If transferring equipment is a challenge that your rental business faces, book an online demonstration to see where TRACS can help.