Sales Calls

Turning Enquiries into Orders, Faster

If your business is renting and/or selling oilfield equipment, your main aim will be converting enquiries to orders quickly which can’t be achieved using manual or restrictive systems which hold you back. If the process is an administrative burden requiring time consuming duplication of data, and delays sending and receiving information, you risk the customer finding another supplier while waiting. This not only means securing less orders than you’d like, but operational time wasted eats into your profit margins. This can be overcome, and benefit not only the sales team but your entire operations. 


By implementing a management system that automates the generation, printing and forwarding of orders and enquiries, the whole process could be completed with just a few mouse clicks. The sales team have the potential to convert an enquiry into an order while on the phone to customers, emailing on confirmation instantly.


For management purposes, reports can be easily produced. With information updated in real-time, management can review sales lead handling efficiency, enquiry types, requested line items and their associated costs with up-to-the-minute information for prompt decision making.


With complete visibility of reserved items, which branch and bay they are in, Warehouse Supervisors can despatch equipment without delay with the help of live reports.


TRACS’s oilfield equipment management software can achieve all of the above, assisting swift administration and operations. To find out more about how to automate these activities using TRACS, please follow the link below: